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A bottle of Wilde’s Goddess Weather Herbal Supplement is displayed inside a halved papaya, surrounded by fresh limes, a lemon, and calla lilies on a beige cloth background. The dark amber bottle features a dropper and a botanical label design. The vibrant colors of the fruit and flowers emphasize the natural and organic qualities of the product, creating an appealing and refreshing aesthetic.

Women's Wellness | Bundle

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Step into balance with our WOMEN'S WELLNESS Bundle – a carefully crafted selection of four organic herbal tonics designed to nurture and empower every aspect of feminine health. This bundle is not just about balance; it aids you in tuning into your body’s wisdom, harnessing your inner goddess, and weathering every feminine season with grace. Balance your hormones, enhance your energy levels, and foster a sense of feminine well-being. Elevate your self-care routine with the WOMEN'S WELLNESS Bundle


This bundle includes-


Dream Weaver: experience a peaceful sleep with Dream Weaver! Our blend of nervine herbs calms and restores the nervous system, allowing you to achieve a deep, restorative sleep


Candida Cleanse: an all-natural, herbal supplement designed to eradicate yeast overgrowth and chronic bacterial infections. This powerful blend of herbs can help improve energy, reduce brain fog, balance digestion, and eliminate inflammation and bloating


Goddess Weather: Carefully crafted with chaste tree berry, dong quai, wild yam, shatavari, moringa and rose hips, Goddess Weather brings balance to hormones, cycles, fertility and feminine fire


Mellow Moon: Do you dread your monthly cycle? Experience painful cramps, heavy bleeding, and wild mood swings? It's time to restore balance and comfort with Mellow Moon - an herbal elixir crafted to support the feminine cycle. Mellow Moon contains a synergistic blend of raspberry leaf, dong quai, hibiscus, angelica root, white willow bark, and acorus calamus. These time-honored botanicals work together to relieve pain and cramping, balance hormones, and regulate menstrual bleeding

  • Dream Weaver: 

    • Ingredients: Passionflower*, Damiana*, Lavender*, Skullcap*, Catnip*, Grain Alcohol*
    • Suggested Use: Take 20 drops before sleep. May cause feelings of drowsiness and deep relaxation. 

    Candida Cleanse: 

    • Ingredients: Pau D'arco*, Oregon Grape Root*, Echinacea*, Goldenseal*, Calendula*, Usnea*, Grain Alcohol*
    • Suggested Use: Take 15 drops, once to twice a day, on an empty stomach. For best results take for at least 10 consecutive days.

    Goddess Weather: 

    • Ingredients: Chaste Tree Berry*, Wild Yam Root*, Dong Quai*, Shatavari*, Moringa+, Rosehips*, Grain Alcohol*
    • Suggested Use: Take 20 drops 1-2x daily. If you have a hormone sensitive condition begin with half a dose and slowly increase.

    Mellow Moon: 

    • Ingredients: Red Raspberry Leaf*, Dong Quai*, Hibiscus*, Angelica Root*, White Willow Bark*, Acorus*, Grain Alcohol*
    • Suggested Use: Take 15 drops, 1-3 times a day, depending on strength of PMS symptoms. Begin taking during PMS and cease taking once menstruation ends.

    *organic    +wildcrafted

  • Please consult your physician prior to use, or if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating. Please educate yourself thoroughly about any potential herbal contraindications before use

    Goddess Weather: This product has a balancing effect on female hormones and should not be taken if you are on the pill, implant, or have an IUD

    Dream Weaver: May cause feelings of deep relaxation and drowsiness. Do not operate heavy machinery or take in combination with alcohol

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