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A silhouette of a person standing on the beach at sunset, holding a surfboard upright in the sand. The sun is low on the horizon, casting a warm glow over the ocean waves in the background. The person appears relaxed and contemplative, capturing the essence of a peaceful beach moment. This scene highlights the product “Wave Chaser” by Wilde, emphasizing a connection to surfing and nature.

Wave Chaser

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Seeking limitless energy and stamina for peak performance? Harness the power of adaptogens with Wave Chaser - an herbal tonic made for high achievers. 


This performance-enhancing blend contains moringa, cordyceps, skullcap, ashwagandha, starfruit, and soursop - exotic botanicals revered as natural energizers. Together, these adaptogens work synergistically to push physical and cognitive limits. Just a few drops of Wave Chaser each morning provides clean plant-powered fuel to sustain peak performance all day long. It's 100% natural with no side effects or crash. Power up naturally with the best nature has to offer!


1oz: 1oz
  • Moringa: packed with antioxidants and nutrients that reduce fatigue and boost energy levels. This superfood optimizes oxygen flow for increased endurance.

    Cordyceps mushroom: treasured in Chinese medicine for its ability to enhance oxygen utilization. This enhances circulation, opens lung capacity, and prevents fatigue.

    Skullcap: an adaptogenic nervine that calms nervous tension while sharpening mental clarity for sustained focus. It keeps the mind alert through challenging tasks.

    Ashwagandha: a legendary Ayurvedic herb, contains withanolides that increase resilience to physical and mental stress. This tonic herb builds robust energy reserves.

    Starfruit: packed with B complex vitamins which drive cellular metabolism and nutrient absorption. Its high vitamin C content also combats stress.

    Soursop: improves overall health to elevate performance. Its anti-inflammatory compounds reduce muscle soreness so you recover faster.

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