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A 30ml bottle of Wilde’s Mellow Moon Herbal Supplement. The bottle is dark amber with a black dropper cap and a light blue label featuring botanical illustrations and the Wilde logo. The product name “Mellow Moon” is prominently displayed along with the brand name “Wilde” and “Herbal Supplement 30ml.” The design is minimalistic and natural, highlighting the product’s organic essence.

Mellow Moon

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Do you dread your monthly cycle? Experience painful cramps, heavy bleeding, and wild mood swings? It's time to restore balance and comfort with Mellow Moon - an herbal elixir crafted to support the feminine cycle. Mellow Moon contains a synergistic blend of raspberry leaf, dong quai, hibiscus, angelica root, white willow bark, and acorus calamus. These time-honored botanicals work together to relieve pain and cramping, balance hormones, and regulate menstrual bleeding.


Together, these herbs support a healthy, balanced monthly cycle free of rollercoaster symptoms. Just a few drops of Mellow Moon tincture twice daily is all it takes to promote menstrual comfort and well-being. Our synergistic herbal tincture helps you embrace your cycle in comfort and zen-like bliss, gone are the days of painful periods!

1oz: 1oz
  • Raspberry leaf:  a womanly tonic revered for toning the uterus and relaxing painful contractions. Its astringent properties also slow heavy bleeding

    Dong quai: the premier herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine for female health, regulates hormones to improve mood while easing cramps

    Hibiscus flower: rich in nutrients like vitamin C and magnesium that reduce bloating, inflammation, and discomfort

    Angelica root: strengthens and stimulates the reproductive system, while alleviating pain. It balances estrogen levels to minimize mood swings

    White willow bark: contains salicin which acts similarly to aspirin, reducing prostaglandins that cause uterine cramping

    Acorus Calamus: prevents excessive blood loss and irritation. Its antispasmodic compounds provide a soothing, relaxing effect

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