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A rustic ceramic cup filled with frothy green matcha tea sits on a light gray cloth. Behind the cup, there is a matching ceramic dish containing a small pile of matcha powder and a ceramic teapot with a spout. The setting emphasizes a traditional and natural aesthetic, highlighting the earthy and calming qualities of the matcha tea.

Magic Matcha

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Need sustainable energy, laser sharp focus and euphoric calm without the crash? Meet your matcha in our Magic Matcha- a ceremonial grade Japanese matcha infused with adaptogenic herbs to add calm focus to your day.


This magical blend unites premium matcha with elevating moringa, stimulating ginger and calming ashwagandha for full mind-body enhancement.

Makes 24 servings

  • Ceremonial Grade Matcha: delivers antioxidant EGCG to heighten alertness, concentration and productivity without the jitters. Sustain your best work and flow

    Moringa: a Himalayan superfood, provides neuroprotective compounds to elevate mood, banish brain fog, and sharpen cognition so you think quicker

    Ginger: adds circulatory stimulation to energize both body and mind. This warming rhizome enhances physical and mental stamina

    Ashwagandha: eases nerves and mental tension, allowing you to stay centered and focused amidst stress. Worry less and accomplish more

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