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Three bottles of Wilde’s herbal supplements (Wave Chaser, Lung Support, and Immune Boost) are displayed on a beige cloth background, surrounded by a vibrant heliconia flower, a halved papaya, limes, and a lemon. The amber bottles feature light pink labels with botanical illustrations and the Wilde logo. The composition is colorful and natural, emphasizing the organic and botanical essence of the products. The overall aesthetic is fresh and tropical.

Immune Boost

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Feeling run down and susceptible to every bug going around? It's time to reinforce your immune army with Immune Boost - a potent, immune-boosting blend that supercharges the body's natural defenses.


This medicinal blend harnesses the legendary immune-boosting properties of exotic island ingredients like soursop, starfruit, noni, astragalus, oregano, and lemon peel. Together, these island immune-boosters provide full-spectrum protection against illness and infection. Just a few drops of Immune Boost each day naturally reinforces your body's defenses.


1oz: 1oz
  • Soursop: contains antimicrobial acetogenins that stimulate white blood cell production - your first line of defense against infection. This tropical fruit also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits

    Starfruit: loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and key minerals like zinc and iron that create antibodies to strengthen immune response

    Noni fruit: enhances immune cell function for elevated protection against pathogens. Research shows it increases T-cell and macrophage activity

    Astragalus: a Chinese herbal tonic that modulates immune function for a balanced yet robust defense. It activates natural killer cells that fight viral infection

    Oregano: has potent antimicrobial activity against bacteria, parasites, and fungi. It contains Carvacrol, which disrupts pathogen cell membranes

    Lemon Peel: contains citrus bioflavonoids with powerful antioxidant effects that shield cells from free radical damage

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