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A bottle of Wilde’s Goddess Weather Herbal Supplement is displayed inside a halved papaya, surrounded by fresh limes, a lemon, and calla lilies on a beige cloth background. The dark amber bottle features a dropper and a botanical label design. The vibrant colors of the fruit and flowers emphasize the natural and organic qualities of the product, creating an appealing and refreshing aesthetic.

Goddess Weather

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Take hold of your feminine power – from menstrual cycles to menopause and beyond – with Goddess Weather. This divine tincture harnesses the wisdom of botanicals to guide you through every goddess season.

Carefully crafted with chaste tree berry, dong quai, wild yam, shatavari, moringa and rose hips, Goddess Weather brings balance to hormones, cycles, fertility and feminine fire.


Together these herbs help you tune into your body’s wisdom, harness your inner goddess, and weather every feminine season with grace. You are mother, creator, divinity incarnate, and moon. Release your goddess.

1oz: 1oz
  • Chaste tree berry: used since ancient times, supports progesterone levels to stabilize mood and regulate cycles. It also eases hot flashes, night sweats, and irritability during menopause

    Dong quai: the premier herb for women’s health, promotes circulation to balance female hormones all life long. It excels at reducing menopause symptoms

    Wild yam root: hormone-balancing phytoprogesterones ease PMS and menstrual pain while optimizing reproductive function. Its anti-inflammatory effects also reduce menopausal discomfort

    Shatavari: nourishes the female system, soothing monthly cycles as well as menopausal woes. This Ayurvedic herb enhances feminine glow at any age

    Moringa: relieves bloating, cramps, and pain with its wealth of antioxidants and nutrients. It also energizes sensuality and passion

    Rose hips: optimize vitamin levels to lift moods, strengthen immunity and stimulate romantic vitality – from your first cycle to your golden years and beyond

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