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A black and white photo of a woman lying on a light-colored cloth background, wearing dark sunglasses. Next to her head is a bottle of Wilde’s herbal supplement and a lemon, emphasizing a natural and relaxed aesthetic. The woman’s expression is serene, contributing to the calming and earthy vibe of the image.

Dream Weaver

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Do you struggle to quiet your mind at bedtime? Experience restless nights and tired mornings? Experience a peaceful sleep with Dream Weaver! Our blend of nervine herbs calms and restores the nervous system, allowing you to achieve a deep, restorative sleep. This botanical blend harnesses the soothing benefits of passionflower, damiana, skullcap, catnip, and lavender – herbs celebrated for centuries for their sleep-enhancing properties.


Together, these herbs act synergistically to promote total mind-body relaxation, allowing you to quickly drift into a deep, restorative sleep. Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake feeling refreshed and energized! Our blend is non-habit forming

1oz: 1oz
  • Passionflower: contains harmala alkaloids that provide a mild sedative effect to calm nervous tension and racing thoughts. Unwind your mind for restful sleep

    Damiana: acts as a natural anti-anxiety, allowing your body to relax into a deep, tranquil slumber. Its aromatic compounds also induce vivid dreaming

    Skullcap: is a powerful nervine that eases anxiety and guides the transition into delta brainwave states ideal for deep sleep. Awaken renewed

    Catnip: relaxes muscular tension and induces a sensation of calm to pave the way for sound slumber. Its slight sedative effect promotes uninterrupted sleep

    Lavender: cherished for its sweet floral scent, has a time-honored reputation for soothing frazzled nerves. Its calming aroma clears the mind for sleep

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