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Two bottles of Wilde’s herbal supplements, Candida Cleanse and Parasite Cleanse, are standing on a sandy beach. The amber bottles feature light pink labels with botanical illustrations and the Wilde logo. The scene is minimalistic with shadows stretching across the sand, emphasizing the natural and pure qualities of the products. The beach setting highlights a connection to nature and the organic essence of Wilde’s wellness products.

Cleanse | Bundle

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Introducing CLEANSE – a transformative trio of natural, organic, herbal tonics meticulously crafted to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. This holistic bundle is more than just a detox; it's a journey towards total well-being. Our thoughtfully curated selection aims to not only cleanse and rebalance your digestive system, but also to clear emotional blockages and purify the spirit. Embrace the power of nature with ingredients known for their detoxifying properties, and embark on a path to inner balance and vitality with CLEANSE– where purity meets serenity


This bundle contains-


1x Parasite Cleanse: A powerful, all-natural supplement that helps to rid your body of harmful parasites. Our blend effectively eliminates invasive intestinal parasites during all stages of growth - including egg & larva, and may help improve energy, reduce brain fog, balance digestion, and eliminate inflammation and bloating


1x Candida Cleanse: An all-natural, herbal supplement designed to eradicate yeast overgrowth and chronic bacterial infections. This powerful blend of herbs can help improve energy, reduce brain fog, balance digestion, and eliminate inflammation and bloating


1x Ceremonial Herbal Smokes: Inspired by the wisdom of shamans and revered ancient healers, our Ceremonial Smokes combine the power of nature's gifts to create a transcendent encounter with the sacred. Each ingredient holds a profound significance, meticulously selected for its unique properties and historical relevance in ceremonial practices

  • Parasite Cleanse: 

    • Ingredients: Black Walnut Hull*, Elecampane*, Clove*, Neem+, Fennel*, Turmeric*, Wormwood*, Grain Alcohol*
    • Suggested Use: Start with 5 drops 2x a day, preferably on an empty stomach. After 48 hours, build to 15 drops 2x a day. For best results take for at least 10 consecutive days. Lower dosage if gastrointestinal upset occurs

    Candida Cleanse:

    • Ingredients: Pau D'arco*, Oregon Grape Root*, Echinacea*, Goldenseal*, Calendula*, Usnea*, Grain Alcohol*
    • Suggested Use: Take 15 drops, once to twice a day, on an empty stomach. For best results take for at least 10 consecutive days

    Ceremonial Smokes:

    • Ingredients: Sage*, Frankincense*, Mugwort*, Rose*, Raw Hemp Papers
    • Suggested Use: Light one of our herbal smokes to indulge in a moment of quiet, enhance sensual moments, or to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit.

    *organic +wildcrafted

  • Please consult your physician prior to use, or if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating. Please educate yourself thoroughly about any potential herbal contraindications before use.

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