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Three bottles of Wilde’s herbal supplements (Wave Chaser, Lung Support, and Immune Boost) are displayed on a beige cloth background, surrounded by a vibrant heliconia flower, a halved papaya, limes, and a lemon. The amber bottles feature light pink labels with botanical illustrations and the Wilde logo. The composition is colorful and natural, emphasizing the organic and botanical essence of the products. The overall aesthetic is fresh and tropical.

Lung Support

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Lung Support is a botanical blend curated to ease breathing, decongest and soothe the respiratory tract, and support the body's natural defenses. Formulated with a carefully selected blend of herbs, Lung support is the perfect remedy for smokers, asthmatics, and those who suffer from seasonal colds and flu.


This medicinal blend contains angelica root, marshmallow root, alisma, yarrow, nettle leaf, and licorice root - natural herbs renowned for supporting lung function. Together, these powerful botanicals offer fast-acting, synergistic support for healthy lungs and easy breathing. Lung Support works quickly to open airways, reduce congestion, fight infection, and optimize lung function.

  • Angelica Root: a powerful respiratory aid. It thins mucus, loosens phlegm, and acts as an expectorant to clear congestion. Angelica brings fast relief for coughs and chest tightness.

    Marshmallow root: a demulcent that coats and soothes irritated lung tissue. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling in the respiratory tract, easing congestion.

    Alisma: promotes circulation to the lungs and removes excess fluid. This alleviates coughing and improves oxygen intake for easy breathing.

    Yarrow: acts as a bronchodilator, expanding bronchial passages to increase airflow. Its antimicrobial compounds also fight infection in the lungs.

    Nettle leaf: packed with antihistamines that prevent respiratory irritation. It suppresses coughs, helps expel mucus, and reduces inflammation.

    Licorice root: contains glycyrrhizin which stimulates the adrenal glands and respiratory system. This provides an energizing, lung-strengthening boost.

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