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A tin of Wilde’s Brain Wave Herbal Smokes is displayed on a beige cloth background, surrounded by fresh lemons, a lime, and two calla lilies. The tin is rectangular with a label that features botanical illustrations and the Wilde logo. The overall aesthetic is natural and refreshing, emphasizing the organic and botanical essence of the product.

Brain Wave

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Introducing Brain Wave - thoughtfully crafted herbal smokes designed to sharpen focus, boost memory, and enhance cognitive function. Our all-natural blend harnesses ancient botanical wisdom to nourish brain cells and amplify cognition. Think faster, focus better and remember more with nature’s nootropics!


Brain Wave smokes are 100% legal and contain NO nicotine, THC, or tobacco. Light up and experience the botanical brain boost! Unlock your highest mental potential with Brain Wave herbal smokes.


All smokes are hand-rolled and sealed with distilled water

14 count

  • Ginkgo: revered for its brain-boosting properties. It increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, improving concentration. Ginkgo also contains antioxidants that protect brain cells from damage. Experience enhanced alertness and memory recall with ginkgo.

    Raspberry leaf: used traditionally to support reproductive health, but also provides cognitive benefits. It contains compounds that optimize neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Raspberry leaf enhances cognitive flexibility - ideal for creative problem solving.

    Mullein: cleanses and strengthens the lungs - optimizing oxygen intake for improved mental performance. Clearer breathing means sharper thinking. This versatile herb also protects brain tissue from free radical damage.

    Yarrow: contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids that are neuroprotective - keeping the brain in top working order. Yarrow also activates choline in the brain, boosting acetylcholine levels which are linked to increased focus and cognition.

    Rose: has numerous benefits for mind and mood. Its sweet floral aroma is uplifting, banishing brain fog. Roses contain antioxidants that improve memory retention and information processing.

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