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Bottles of Wilde Apothecary products, including Wave Chaser, Lung Support, and Immune Boost, are artfully arranged on a light fabric background. The setup is complemented by fresh fruits, such as a lime, a lemon, and a halved papaya, along with a vibrant red and green tropical flower. The scene captures a natural and tropical aesthetic



Organic and Wildcrafted Plant Potions

We offer a wide selection of wildcrafted and organic tinctures, herbal balms, organic mushrooms and more, all of which are made with the highest quality ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a natural remedy for an ailment, or just want to explore the world of plant-based healing, Wilde has something for everyone.

Two bottles of Wilde Apothecary products, Candida Cleanse and Parasite Cleanse, are placed on a sandy beach. The shadows of nearby palm trees create interesting patterns on the sand, emphasizing a natural and serene beach environment. The bottles are positioned upright, showcasing their labels clearly against the golden sand background.
Coupe glass of herbal tea with dried flower garnish and bumble bee

Loose Leaf Teas

Our Loose Leaf Teas are the perfect way to bring a little bit of wellness into your life. These teas are harvested in their natural environment by small-scale and local growers using sustainable farming practices. All blends are certified organic or wildcrafted so you can feel good about what you're drinking. 

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Skincare

We are dedicated to providing you with vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% organic skincare that is free from preservatives, fillers, and parabens. Our skincare offerings are specially formulated to balance your skin's microbiome. In other words, its food for your face! Discover the power of nature with our functional skincare line.

Several Wilde Apothecary products, including Mystic Mist, Body Bliss, Immortelle Face Oil, and Tress Tonic, are arranged on a sandy beach with the ocean in the background. The scene captures a natural, serene setting, emphasizing the earthy and holistic essence of the brand. The bottles and jars are partially embedded in the sand, showcasing their labels clearly amidst the beach environment.


Lovingly hand crafted in small batches. Our products NEVER contain gums, fillers, artificial preservatives, dyes, or thickeners. Just  pure plant power!

beach picnic citrus fruits and a bird eating a papaya
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